As a Dermatologist and owner of a Medical Spa I am always looking for ways to improve the services that I can provide for my clients. I was interested in more information about Dermapen as it seemed like the perfect alternative to Laser Treatment. After a little research online I decided to get Dermapen training and certification so I could see for myself if this was something that I would begin to offer in my spa. After the very thorough training that I received at NeedleLogics I was certain that I made the right choice. Dermapen offers the best all around Micro Needling treatment that I have ever experienced and NeedleLogics got me trained and certified in only six hours of training. I will certainly be getting all of my staff trained and certified there so we can offer the best treatments to our clients.

After reading about the Dermapen and researching training options I settled on training with NeedleLogics. My research indicated that they offered the most comprehensive and time efficient certification in Dermapen treatments around. After taking their course, I feel that I made the right decision. The training was as comprehensive as I had wanted. All of the important facets of treatment were covered including patient selection and counseling, contraindications, treatment protocols, post micro needling treatment care, and device care and maintenance. If you are looking for comprehensive training then I feel that you can not go wrong with Dermapen training and certification with NeedleLogics.

The anti-aging market is extremely competitive in my area, and I am always looking for ways to keep myself competitive. One way that I do that is to make sure that I am up to date on the latest in treatments that I can offer my clients. I used to offer Micro Needling treatments with the common roller when I read about the Dermapen and some training that was available at NeedleLogics. I figured a few hours to get trained and certified would be better than trying to learn more about on my own time, so I signed up for their training. The trainer, Janette, gave us all a very professional and thorough level of training. I learned all that I need to be able to administer the Dermapen treatment. All of the necessary information was covered. I highly recommend NeedleLogics Dermapen training and certification for anyone working in the anti-aging profession.

I was looking for the best way to get certified in the use of Dermapen and turned to the internet to do some research. After seeing the many recommendations for NeedleLogic`s training, I decided to give their training a try. Chad, our instructor, gave us what could only be described as the best private training I have ever had. Everything you could want to know as a skin care professional was covered. It only took a few hours and I came out feeling like I really learned something instead of simply wasting my time. If you need Dermapen training and certification, take this course!

As a doctor, my ultimate goal is finding and prescribing the most trusted and effective solutions to my patients.  I must confess, I didn’t know what to expect when I first heard of a non-ablative, fractional cosmetic treatment that isn’t a laser.  The decision to take the micro needling training at NeedleLogics has created a new revenue source into my practice.  Micro needling with Dermapen provides the ability to offer quick and effective solutions for a long list of dermatological problems, including the elimination of scarring, stretch marks and wrinkles, balancing hyperpigmentation, reducing cellulite, exfoliating dead skin and also stimulating hair growth.

The team at NeedleLogics did a very good job instructing practitioners on the use of the Dermapen, maintaining the Dermapen, and counseling patients about micro needling and Dermapen.  Not surprisingly, many dermatologists and skin therapists are also taking training from NeedleLogics.

I strongly believe Dermapen will change the face of dermatology and lead to solutions for many skin ailments.  Thanks to NeedleLogics, just about every patient who leaves our practice  does with a smile!
- Dr Jones, Dermatologist and Certified Micro Needling Therapist

I’ve always wondered when a faster and less painful remedy would come for skin problems that didn’t involve laser or surgery. Being a nurse for over 10 years now, I know almost first hand, what patients go through to get rid of ugly scars and wrinkles and beautify their skin. That’s why I didn’t wait a second to contact NeedleLogics for training, and thanks to them, today I am a certified Micro Needling therapist.

They provided me with everything I needed to become a successful micro needling therapist including a Dermapen and dedicated support after the training duration. Almost every patient is blown away by the tremendous effects of this little device (Dermapen), I have used the Dermapen myself and found it extremely effective, it tightened my skin a gave it a beautiful glow. I recommend the NeedleLogics training to any nurse or Dermatologist who wants to have an edge in this cut-throat field.

- Barbara, Nurse and Certified Micro Needling Therapist

I never knew of the amazing abilities of micro needling until I took this training.  Thanks to NeedleLogics I have added an important tool to my anti – aging arsenal.  The Dermapen is an ingenious method of bringing new life and beauty to every skin type.  I tell my patients “simply forget about every other solution you may have tried because you’ll never need to go back to them”.  Even more amazing is that this treatment is suitable for all skin types and results begin to show after just one treatment, with greater results after three.

Chad and Janette at NeedleLogics did an excellent job of training me on this new device.  In about 6 hours, I gathered an ample amount of knowledge in micro needling and the use of the Dermapen.  Their device starter kit and post training support helped me establish my practice to offer Dermapen treatments.  If you want to begin offering the most effective and reliable skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatment, I recommend certifying with NeedleLogics and the Dermapen.

-Dr. Tony, Anti-Aging Expert and Certified Micro Needling Therapist